On Buzzwords


If my time at an investment bank has taught me anything, I would say  abbreviations and jargon are the biggest barrier to entry to the financial services industry. Why in the world would anyone say real estate instead of space? Hey Lauren, can I put my books on your table? I don’t have enough real estate in my drawer.

Now it seems the tech industry has taken a leaf out of the good ole’ wall street’s book. Even Peter Thiel recently warned venture capitalists to be wary of buzzwords like ‘big data’ and ‘cloud’.

So what are the buzz words in tech today? “Disruptive”, “Analytics”, “Big Data”, “hacking life/problems/laundry/literally anything”, ‘Scalable”, “the uber for “… and for the greedy ones among us: SO LO MO. Forget Jesus, apparently SO, LO and MO make the holy trinity in today’s startup land:

SO (Social)
LO (Local)
MO (Mobile)


Sarcasm aside, Life Hacker has a more comprehensive list of buzzwords. And go to this website at your own risk for more. Another buzz word that I see emerging is Machine Learning. Now before you go on to claim your product harvests Machine Learning technology to solve in your website, it would be good to learn what exactly Machine Learning (ML) is.

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